Department of Civil Engineering


To be a Centre of Excellence which creates Civil Engineers with high degree of professional integrity, technical competence and socio-environmental commitment.


  1. To impart outcome-based technical education in Civil Engineering, entrenched in skill development and confidence building.
  2. To stimulate the Industry-Academia collaboration, which encourages students to stay abreast of real-world engineering challenges and upgrade technical knowledge & skills to meet the growing demands of the society.
  3. To inculcate ethics and integrity in professional life of students, thereby instilling the spirit of sustainable development without compromising the conservation and preservation of nature and its resources.



To possess a strong foundation of technical knowledge to successfully resolve the challenging real-world engineering problems and to adapt to technology changes in the social & industrial environment.


To demonstrate leadership qualities and team spirit in the management of Civil Engineering projects, upholding high technical and ethical standards.


To be an integral part of the nation-building process, after thorough assessment of the needs of the society, without marginalizing the concerns about environment and sustainability.


To ensure continued professional development, through training programmes, higher education and research.



To plan, analyse, design, supervise and manage Civil Engineering projects, incorporating interdisciplinary knowledge and elements of sustainability.


To develop inquisitiveness, analytical thinking, problem-solving & experimental skills.

About the Department

Civil Engineering Department started functioning in 1958 with a current sanctioned intake of 60 students per year. Highly committed and dynamic faculty and enthusiastic students and supporting parents are the back bone of the Department. The Department ensures immense support to students for moulding their career and communication skills. The entire Diploma course is started such a manner that it would groom the students to become efficient field supervisors who would strive to maintain the highest standards in civil construction. The faculty members are recruited by the State Public Service Commission and are competent to deliver a positive learning experience with their excellent academic credentials and industry expertise. The technical staffs are also proficient in their respective fields

The branch conducts various courses including structural Design, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and so on. Drawing skills of students is  enhanced through Building Drawing and AutoCAD. The collaborative work among students through projects, Survey camps and mini projects builds their communication skills.

Department has smart class rooms and fully fledged lab facilities with modern equipment There are well equipped laboratories in all the major disciplines like Material testing, Geo-technical, Environmental, Transportation and Surveying The Department has been active in offering consultancy services to industries and conducting and attending courses regularly to facilitate the continuing education .The Department also gives ample facilities to the faculty members to ensure their full participation in Faculty Development Programs and Quality Improvement Programs. The alumini of the Department have secured admission to top research institutions and have been employed in various Government sector and other firms in Private sector.


 Our department has10 laboratories with essential well trained staff. Every staff member is motivated to develop practical skills of students.

  1. Survey Lab
  2. Construction Engineering Lab
  3. Concrete Lab
  4. Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  5. Material Testing Lab
  6. Enviornmental Engineering Lab
  7. Computer Aided Drafting Lab
  8. Engineering Mechanics Lab
  9. Transportation Engineering Lab
  10. Computer Application Lab

 Virtual Labs for Civil Engineering