Department of Mechanical Engineering


To be recognized as an excellent educational centre in the field of Mechanical Engineering that moulds globally acceptable and innovative technocrats for sustainable development of the society.


  • Adopting and practicing state-of-the-art pedagogical techniques to enhance teaching-learning experience.
  • Imparting quality education to bridge the gap between academics and industries.
  • Empowering the students with technological and intellectual capabilities to meet rising demands of the society with minimal environmental impact.


  1. To prepare students to be able to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects involving professional ethics and codes of professional practice.
  2. Apply mechanical engineering knowledge to address the full range of technical and societal problems with creativity, imagination, confidence and responsibility.
  3. Pursue lifelong learning and continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills in the design, development and application of mechanical systems in diverse industries with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department at CPTC, Vattiyoorkavu, with its state-of-the-art facilities has been functioning efficiently since it was set up in the year 1958. Presently, it provides knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering to a group of 60 diploma students every year. The mechanical engineering department has become well organized over the many years since its inception. The practical laboratories are well equipped with adequate numbers of machines, tools, and equipment. The basic infrastructure is continuously upgraded to suit the changing needs of modern technology and course requirements. The courses of the mechanical engineering department have been formulated to give a strong insight in mechanical engineering for the students. Further, students are encouraged to put their minds into projects to apply the skills that they have already learned.

The nature of the projects is such that they involve multidisciplinary input. The projects are designed to test their engineering skills and also involve application of technical know-how.

The faculty of the mechanical engineering department are highly qualified with excellent academic credentials. The laboratory staff members are highly experienced and possess sound knowledge of the subject.

The department has also facilitated a certificate course in fibre reinforced plastics for interested students. This course has been set up with collaboration from India’s leading space agency, the ISRO.

A majority of the students passed out from the mechanical engineering department hold responsible positions in the industry, thanks to the campus placement services. The department organizes symposiums and industry experts are invited for subject talks and interaction with the students at regular intervals.

List of Laboratories

  1. Heat Engine laboratory
  2. Pneumatics Lab
  3. Service and Maintenance Lab
  4. CADD Lab
  5. Hydraulics Machines Lab
  6. General Workshop
  7. Advanced Machine Tools Lab
  8. Machine Shop
  9. The general workshop helps to provide basic engineering skills to first semester students from all disciplines.