Textile Technology

Food, shelter and clothes form the basic needs of our existence. This establishes the significance of Textile technology. With more than 35 million employment opportunities, the textile industry is the second largest employment generating sector in India. It plays a major role in the growth of Indian economy. The International clothing and textile marketing also is a very dynamic and fast moving one.

The textile technology is a discipline of engineering that focuses on the various stages involved in the textile manufacturing. It covers all the topics related to scientific techniques utilised in manufacturing and developing all types of yarns and textiles fabrics from textile fibers. It also focuses on the study of chemical and physical principles which are utilised in the analysis of the behaviour of polymers involved in the formation of textile fibers, The major role of this engineering branch is to design and control all aspects of textile and apparel processes, machineries and products. Various chemical, mechanical and physical  processes are involved throughout the textile manufacturing process. Textile equipments, chemicals, fibers, polymers and other synthetic materials are involved in it. The Diploma programme deals with all these. It also gives attention to the marketing, management and merchandising side of the textile industry. Research and development is another integral part covered by the programme. 

Textile Technology diploma course allows the students to gain valuable knowledge in theoretical and practical work with regard to all aspects of the textile industry, such as 

  •  working with raw materials (Cotton, silk, synthetic polymers etc)
  • spinning and twisting technology.
  • Weaving, knitting and nonwovens
  • technical textiles (Geo-textiles, Agro-textiles, medical textiles, industrial textiles)
  • Computer Aided textile designing 
  • Finishing and Analysing (Colorimetry, printing, dying)

Job Prospects 

There are ample carrer opportunities in this field for the talented professionals. The industrial knowledge and skill of textile technology diploma holders are highly valued by the textile manufacturing companies. Technically perfect professionals from this field are employed in the departments of textile plants and companies varying from small scale to large scale such as planning, production, quality control, sales or marketing or agencies of domestic and foreign companies for textile products and textile machinery , intended in different regions of the country. 100% placement for diploma holders in textile technology is a fact.